Technology Advancement Brought a Big Change in Web Development

Web development basically involves the creation as well as maintenance of website. The main reason for internet becoming so popular and in such a short time is because user can get a lot of hosting space without much effort. Not all people can have a television set but everyone can have a website easily. With advancement of technology, web development is made easy. Technology has benefited both the users as well as the developers. That is the reason of extensive use of web technology in present times.

The evolution of internet started with websites created for the purpose of sharing of ideas in the field of academics. Slowly mixture of personal as well as business websites was seen on web. Then there was a boom where companies were seen online. Buying and selling of products and services became possible through internet. Everyone for their online presence needs a website.

Web development is all about the various processes involved in website design. The development of website is done as per the need of a customer. The web development process is not just technical process but is a complete understanding of what the website user wants. Web developers in addition to applying technology mechanically should be able to provide their own style. This way the final product, a website is greatly influenced by the way developers work.

The languages used in web development are Flash, HTML, CSS, HTML and others. Each language has its own logic and is used for different functionalities. Good web designers have to be expert in these languages. The web development is a long process where revisions and reworking is done many times before a final product is made available.

Technology has made the work of web designer easier. Many tools have been developed which helps web designer to create excellent websites. A well designed website involves lots of complexities and there are people expert in this field working day and night. The development aspect of a website even working with tools and technologies is not a simple process. A web developer should have a capability to troubleshoot any technical problems that arise in the process of website creation that’s where expertise of a website developer is involved.

The latest development in the field of web technology is interactive web applications. In these applications the website owner can interact with people across the globe. Whenever interaction is involved certain data is to be provided from the website or given to the website that means data transfer needs to be done. In this process if each time website is reloaded then the response time will increase during such interaction. To overcome this difficulty AJAX technique has been developed.

Using AJAX technique, the data transfer process takes place behind the scene where complete loading of website is avoided. Hence the speed of website is not affected. These techniques are found to be very handy where a user is asked to fill forms on websites. The companies that rely on internet for their business need to have some basic idea of web development. Certain issues like accessibility, web standards and browser compatibility are to be taken care of while doing web development.

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