Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate

Digital tendencies and users’ expectations change every day. Some trends become outdated and move beyond, but others gain ground. It means that entrepreneurs need to follow the most recent tendencies to stick out from the crowd. Why is it important?

Customers visit tons of websites constantly which means that businesses need to somehow draw their attention and make them stay on a platform. One of the ways to succeed is to build a visually appealing and intuitive web solution. Here comes the question of what tendencies to follow.

Let’s now explore the leading UI/UX design trends of 2020-2021 in detail and see how popular brands implement them successfully.

1. Dark mode

One of the hottest web design trends for 2020 is dark mode. Such brands as Instagram, Apple, and Android offer alternative themes in their products. Here are the core reasons for the trend’s popularity:

  • It looks ultra-modern;
  • It allows highlighting and popping other design elements;
  • It saves device battery power (in case of OLED/AMOLED screens);
  • It reduces eye strain in low-light conditions.

Many applications provide visitors with the ability to choose when to activate the dark mode. For example, Apple users can schedule times to change their device appearance automatically. You can pick the “Sunset to Sunrise” option or set a certain time to perform the transition.

2. Shortcomings that add uniqueness

Incomplete, free-hand web application design elements infuse positive emotions. They make websites unique and authentic. In 2020, users positively accept hand-drawn, exotic, and imperfect visuals. They add personality and humanity to impressions.

With the help of unique shortcomings, you can show the customers your brand identity and stand out from the crowd. Actually, this tendency of design thinking stands for contrast to the trends of pixel-perfect web elements. Create something new, unique, and inventively different to grip the attention of users and prove how exclusive your brand is.

3. Immersive 3D elements

3D design elements have fascinated users for many years. The popularity of this trend is going to increase in 2020 as VR and AR technologies gain momentum now. So, it becomes a perfect idea to combine these techniques to create hyper-realistic 3D visuals taking up the whole users’ screen.

The trend allows UI and UX designers and entrepreneurs to prettify their websites. This way, they encourage potential customers to stay longer and increase the average session time. Such visuals attract users as they transcend boundaries between the virtual space and real life.

One of the key requirements for a successful 3D graphics implementation is the high performance of your website UI. If your platform is not fast-loading and well-optimized, it will not smoothly support such heavy content. As a result, your website may provide users with lags, low response time, and so on.

4. Soft shadows, layers and floating elements

The innovative design tendency stands for building intensity. Do you want to create a 3D element but smooth it over? Soft shadows and floating visuals evoke positive emotions. They show the depth in elements and make your webpage looking slightly 3D. The trend is applicable not only to graphics but also to the text, images, videos, etc.

In 2020, UI/UX design companies actively use layering to place elements on top of each other. Also, it is recommended to apply soft drop shadows for showing enhanced depth. This combination gives the possibility of creating a drown effect and a lightweight feeling. This way, you can move away from classic, flat, and immutable designs where layers are placed strictly in the right order.

5. Mixing photography with graphics

Another hot UI/UX design trend in 2020 is overlapping graphics onto the images. Such a mixing technique allows you to unleash creativity and implement fabulous designs.

This collage-like tendency is flexible. You can use it both to create childness for product images or add seriousness to a financial or tech website. It is a perfect way to customize images and add extra personality to your web design.

Want to get the best from this trend? Unify the style of the designs and visual elements with your brand personality.

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